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Saw it on the 18th, Way late for the review, But i guess i owe this to people comparing it with other Movies Like LOTR/SW?

Excuse Me ,BUT Why does it have to be necessarily groundbreaking for a movie to accumulate hype.

Where does your individual thoughts sit, HEre?

AVATAR is definitely not groundbreaking.

And I thank James To leave it Just like that.

Like everyone here watches only groundbreaking phenomena on screen.

Common guys (All cinema lovers).

If its unique cinema , try appreciating. otherwise stfu.

AVATAR is a cult on its own.

Aliens were not alienated , first.

With dramatic monotones and harps screeching your ears whenever something out of the blue appears.

In this case Pandora.

Most of all know the story.

So nothing to add to it.

The reach of this unique cult’s purpose is from a different angle.

AVATAR of the humans in different shades of purpose in life.

So many questions were subtly explained by the characters involved on screen, in those 2 and a half hours.

I would not call it an epic too.

It is a simple movie.

Necessarily definitve.

Nothing extragavant by bringing unwanted theories.

Spiritual undercurrents made it even stronger , the script.

What Cameroon could have avoided was the American slang , by the chief.

Could have been more universal , if not for the fact that he was insinuating the Iraq-US war.

But on the whole, Visual imagery combined with simple literature does only one thing.

Covers many hearts.

And that was the Truck Driver’s Dream 35 years back.

So Let him enjoy.

BTW , JRR Wrote for JACKSON.

JC Wrote this.


“I see you”


It —> He (Part 3)

It was Windy.

The porcupines were slow , sharp and clever .

There Was this particular one named, W (say).

It was playin with its twin, again W (say).

W1 Was scratching its spines onto the Spines of W2.

Porcupine C and porcupine B were too old to play.

They were just staring at W1 and W2 playing.

There was this another porcupine say, ‘H’.

It was banging an acorn on to the branch of the tree.

Concentrated in its own world.

‘B’ and ‘C’ start to squeal in a low humm, bored.

The sharp spines of the W’s were irriating them i suppose.

‘H’ was still banging.

Did not bother.

Alltogether The porcupines were orchestrating some sort of Cacophony musical.

They stopped with an unconcious jolt, When H dropped its nut. down.

The nut hit hard on him.

Woke up.

Eyes sore.

He didnt know how long he was sleeping.

Got up , tired Full of Energy.

It was wierd When he looked down on himself.


His mind tired , he walked in search of something to eat.

Unconciously he was lead to the wildberries.

The juice squirted in his mouth .

He Relished the taste .

somehow everything felt new to him.

The air around carried something other than the trees , mud and the animals.

Something/ Someone.


The first emotion was fear.

The brows squinted to support a crippled mind.

He needed a clear vision to see whats out there.

The leaves grew thicker as he approached the center of what was like a garden.

It may have been anything.

He makes sure of himself thats its a graden.

It was like he was in a dream.


is he still asleep?

Nobody knows.

Dreams were becoming so real that he could not differentiate.

He has been having this same dream quite recently.

Or is it just a De-Ja-vu again?

So many questions .

He was tensed.

He was Breathing heavily.

Hot air from front filled his nose.


Somehow something different was happening to his body.

Looked down.


He looked up again and went breathless.


Fear moulded into so many emotions .

He lost it.

After obvious bodily comparisons,

Biology and Nature lead him to yet another emotion.

He Became He!

It —> He (2)

Here, starts the Era of The Progressive Man.

Right When he stood erect he realised so much at the instant, it clouded most of the important things about life.

Thus, The process started in the search of something unreal.

Intangible realities.

To- decloud i would say , umm. The truth.

But one thing seemed to attract him again.

Survival of the Fittest.

The more sophisticated approach started to begin with the help of his new found/realised senses.

Captivating it was , the New World around.

A Revolution in his Head  His Calf Muscles were proud. He started to run wildly.

A warm Feeling morphed his senses (Heart) into the Delicious carrot ,that later a stupid Donkey would chase inevitably.

The feeling was Beauitful.

Thus , Started the Pursuit OF Happiness.

After a very long time only did he realise it can only be a pursuit. Like the donkey.

The gift of senses with the huge thought space made him mad sometimes.

It was tiring to pursue.

The miracle subsided.

The senses which were attractive before seemed to loose their lustre.

Worry for the Ape- human.

He Got up.

Looked At the sky.

The raindrop smiled Just when it left the cloud.

Dancing wildly it splattered on its target.

He was taken aback.

Tasted the water.


He hunts.

This time a squirrel.

Meal is small, but he is satisfied. Or is he?

He is frustrated at the control of his senses have on him.

Wishes he was like how he used to be, Hunched.

Like how he was before he woke up.

All these noises seemed to make his living difficult.

He looks around him.

The green , THe yellow, The red .

He looks down , The brown.

He looks up again , THe blue.

Another raindrop falls on him.

Rain accumulates acceleration.

Its comforting him.

Nature is the mother.

NAture is The seed.

Nature is God.

A comforting cocoon.

He rests his head at the bark of his favourite tree.

The progressive man cries for the warm feeling.

The rain doesnot allow the tears to be seen.

The mother protecting its child is often seen,But rarely realised.

He sleeps with the lullaby of the leaves, rain and the hiss of the crawling porcupines up the tree.

More on that tree later.

Time flies.

What does he see when he gets up agian ?

-to be continued.

It —-> He (1)

A Cult Has to be there.

Origins Are discussed everywhere around the world.

Now let us Think.

Thought Space of the Early Lonely Man.

Somehow, the Survival of the Fittest has become more of a Routine than a Challenge, to It.

Hope The Modern Man Realises it soon.

The Ape ponders in its Wet clouded Dimensions.

Senses not so sharp. Numb with no Frequent use.

But how come?

It jus hunted a Mongoose.

Housefull Belly.


It strokes The Stomach.

It looks at it’s palms With worry.


Ears Muffled.

Nose blunted by poor redudancy , Eventually Crippled.

Worry For the ape.

It starts to Shout.

Gets up on two feet, hunched.

Puts its left hand on the wet puddle and circles around it.

It knows it gets dizzy by doing that.

Phasing out, It drops Head first.

Some Time Later,

Note : IT (time) can be either a minute/a million years.

Time is Debated as Illusion.

Whatever Happened in that Time, is the Birth.



Its very Cold.

But the place beneath His body is warm.

Somehow , This Awakening seems Different.

His Ears Flinch to the sound of the Leaves .

Wait a minute.

He turns responding to something tangy.

He couldnot believe it.

He smells the leaves.

Senses Are Vibrant.

They are all co-ordinated in a different space.

Its like Some of his senses smoked some weed and danced wayward.

He smiles to himself.

The space is huge.

It is a different dimension.

The Sense is Alluring.

The birth of a new sense.

The spine stiffens.

He Gets up. Erect.

-to be continued.



Practising the living with the modes put forth aldready is what anyone is forced to do, here.

The parameters of compulsion ranges in a very comfortable way especially for the Indians.

Breaking the shackles atleast in your head, is Vital.

Let it be a start.

Thinking too much is wrong, It leads to a recursive circle which may start with a big radius of purpose and holisticity.

But eventually shrinks in a tight small circle of thoughts without the thinker’s conscience.

But not thinking at all is a waste.

Waste of life.

Boundaries to cultivate down-trodden trenches in your mindfield is just an illusion.

Perambulate through your field slowly, you will realise nothing is real.

Illusion has become reality over the centuries in the human brain.

Evolution is a slow process which ends up in the Known.

Trying to capture something unreal.

In most cases it is happiness.

Struggling to achieve what has already been achieved.

But here what we must note is the process in achieving.


Most of what we live is intangible.

But culture has provided a tool, Art.

Various forms of art of which we must realise the algorithm to this beautiful paradigm, life ,is the most importrant tool

of everything.

The mother of all art forms i must say,

The Intuitive Induced Ever-replenishable Art, Thought.

So, Think.


I do Not know what made me late,

But you know they say that its all meant to happen.?

Well, the onions on the dosa were exquisite , Dreamy in fact.

Breakfast is my favourite .

I ate my heart out.

Took bath for an hour.

I was heading to IIT.

Reached and there was,

the BUS.

I got on, only to be frowned at by the people who were already seated.

It is the usual traffic crowd/pedestrian VIBE that we pass on the road.

Thats cool.

So, I look around the small bus to sit.

The only place to be seen was next to a guy who , i just realised, was smiling at me the whole time.


What the ?

That vibe is different.

I dont know why he was smiling.

He was beaming, perfectly arranged yellow teeth.

Do not look there!, my head whispered.

Maybe he  heard it or something, in my hind vision I could still sense his gaze.

I sat in a corner folding myself ,stuck to the side of the bus’s window.

Mercifully , the bus revved up ,vibrating the seats.

Just before my stop, the SMILING guy got down.


…only to allow a bunch of school kids to board.

I’d Say 6th grade to 10th grade .

He got back in.

That bus!

It was packed with children happily dancing on the feet of the people seated.

Soon a bunch of 6th graders (Girls) approached me at the back seat.

Some silent code.

I stood up like i was silently taunted by the local mob.

There was very little space.

I saw each of those small girls fill up the back seat

(on which I was the only one seated previously)

I turned to the other side , only to be staring closely at this humungous 10th grade girl.

Very little space mind you.

There were two other girls standing behind her giving me the look.

I was a prey.

I stood there , hardly any space to even stand .

These girls were closing in on me.

Note: I was wearing my ruggers with a cloth belt that day.

With  my stop approaching , desperate measures need to be taken.

I opened my mouth,“Excuse me” .

I found my way through the Monstrous Human Pile.

Pressed from either side, suffocated by  bodies.


My belt  unhooked.

There was an old man sitting in the front.

Whose perception,

ME coming out from the back of the bus filled with 10th grade girls with me strangling furiously at my cloth belt.

It was ugly.

Snychronised as it was , the small girl with the old man started crying.

I did not know what to say . The Bus stopped ,the doors whizzed open.

I was ready to go.

But I was standing there like a DUmbFuck with my hands on my pants.

The whole Bus was staring .

I think even the Bus would have shouted .”Get off me!”

I got out mentally tired.

On the foot board was the Smiling guy …..Smiling.

Man, WHat is With this VIbe?