The Foot.


Cold mud prints- foot prints.

He thought he can make sand castles with his legs.



Bristles of sand pricked his dry foot.

It was sunny.

Squinting ahead he saw her.

He looks down again , floating his leg over the mud.

Patience pressurised the sea breeze.

Thickening it , slowly heating it.

It was time.

Stood erect and recoiled a deep breath , his spine rose.

And so did she.

His eyes narrowed his clear vision, concentrating it.

The moment.

The moment is achieved with utmost synchronisation of all dimensions available in space.

Time slows giving rest to the eyes.

The skin coils its hair due to the chill.

Its The Chill.

Time froze along with his feet in the mud.

The mud rose like ropes around his feet, sealing him to his fate.

There she comes .

his Lost, Last, Live thought,

How beautiful she is.


—–> Reverie.

The wind pushing his skin,he stood.

Struggling leg nerves withstanding the push.

Looks Down , 3000 miles.

The End awaiting.

A warm tsunami hit his heart .

Stomach ached .

ever so slow- – – – – > sad.

Despise, hatred , sorrow filled time.

There were roses aside the rock, he was standing.

Fuck ‘em.

A sparrow hopped up the rock.

Blistered faces .

ugly memories.

Bitter tastes.

and Ghost reveries.

The human Spirit is strong.

Too strong, That it is a Problem.


many names for it.



So on.

It is something more than all these.

A drugged heart’s cry for one’s own sympathy.

Pure selfishness to carry the weight for a longer time.

3000 miles down to Hit Head first ——> Solution None.

Swallow the Emo.

The Sparrow kept quiet to all this.

its Head ticking to all directions possible.

Quivering little chest, Impaled with pain.

Legs broke, it could not hop proper.

Seldom Do we realise —-> pain.

seldom Do we live.

The sparrow lifted up .

Flew across the rock—-> He stared.

The wind grew gentle.

The roses Crept up their sweat into the wind.

Life continues.

The man Stands at ease.

His Eyes follow the bird into oblivion.


?The Bigger Questions.

Somehow, most people think its cool to-

“I dont believe in God.”

“Am an athiest.”

“Oh, Where is God?”

“I cant see him anywhere.”

AM getting this Vibe, pretty frequently.

And Everyone keeps Cool,

Giving respect to other’s take on religion.

Well I must say.


Man that sucks.

NO one really could possibly Be an Athiest.

You are Just Fooling Yourself.

It is an act of overcompensation.

The Bigger Questions Are always Present, No matter Where WE go Hide under.



Satanic Worship.

WHattever it may be it called.


Are you sure?

Beliefs Are not Like FB status Messages.

If you dont Have The Tolerance Of Accepting a Practice, Its Miserable.

And Then There ARE the SATANIC Worshippers.

Now, that is Just HILARIOUS.

Especially the SATANIC Norwegians Burning Churches, !?


Symbolising A Hairy RED Pig as GOD as a Result of your Cowardice?

Got Problems? Deal With it.

Before that, on religion and the spat That almost Every other early 20s has, is a poor choice of thought line in his/her Ignorant Blissful Phase.

Drunk? Maybe.

High on Green.

Again, Maybe.

This Aint Bigotry.

It is a,

A Cynical Kaleidoscope Everyone Should Play with,  at Some Point or the other.

Without Getting Hypnotised.

Lemme See.

Religion is a healthy act.

When seen as an Exercise.

Healthy Habit.

Its When you confuse with emotions it becomes Into What you may call – LOSING YOUR MIND.

After all its an anti-histamine.

You take the pill , STFU and lie down.

You dont go advertising the Pill , DO you ?

It is a walking stick.

Sooner or later you gonna need it.

So Lets be realistic here.

Am totally supporting its Existence .

Mark It.

I dont PRACTISE it.

But Respect For It, should not be undermined.

People are not the same.

some need help.