Kodai – Omlette and the lake -1

Great Ideas bloom only before exams.
No Kidding.
The beer incident and the drunk social interaction later on with VK,
gave away sparks in Rahul’s head.
One night, during exams, a mysterious looking head popped up outside a
WAT the ?
“ssss..Kodai, after exams, what say ?”
Dude, no cash.
“Common man. Cash no Problem.”


And so the Kodai trip was born.
The actual trip started right after the last exam was done with along
with our (Coru , Rahul and I) tightly held strand of patience.
Let loose mad ,we were looking for The Joint.
PK a.k.a The Joint.
Coru’s room.
Participants/Passengers were not the usual ones.
Varied hilariously.
Exam stress I assume.
But, The Guy who says SHUBAM was missing.
Arun’s Late entry pissed us off, so we pissed him off.
Reverberating shouts.
The guy forgot who had smoked up . Him or us?
The trip went dormant, initiating a tempo.
Our destination may have been far, seemed so close.
Got ready by 11.
Reached the stand and got a bus to Thuthukudi.
Dormant still.
The passengers of this trip were,
The Three little Rats,
1. The Little Rat/Passi Monster/Coru Maharaja.
2. The Joint/PK.
3. The guy who says Shubam/Little Bitch/Lalgudi/Avi.
The Three Dumbfucks on the boat,
1. Me.
2. Rahul.
3. Arun.
Then there was Old Man, that is none other than , The
We were so dazed out that , if we had been on the Titanic we would
have been the guys who played the violin in the climax, remember ?
If the Thuthukudi ride was a lullaby, the Vathalakundu stop was our
wake up call from The Joint.
Guyssss…Waddup? Lets roll.
This means he has already rolled one.
The trip did not go anywhere.
We refreshed in Front of a temple.
Somehow there were temples everywhere we refreshed.
Finally, we were climbing a hill called Kodaikanal.
Witnessed a vivid lapdance from VK to his bitch-hungry seatmates.
Lalgudi and Rahul were sleeping on each other .
Reaching Kodai, I was shivering for my life.
Unlike other normal people who wore jackets and sweaters, I had
packed two t-shirts.
With a guy trying to rip us off at the bus stand, only few were in their
The other just did not even care what the guy was trying to sell.
Many wanted to just give him the money and get the fuck to a place warm.
Some , no wait , someone wanted to just smoke the guy up.
The Kodai List:
Mango Weed.
A place to pass out/for some , to trip.
Accommodation seemed to be last in our small list.
The Cottage.
  • A tiny strip of balcony ,with a view ill never forget.

  • A fierce hilarious argument which inevitably terminated with everyone  laughing and forgetting what the argument was about in the first place.
  • The Joint’s last Trichy Joint , which only few had the privilege to smoke.
  • Everyone forcing Rahul to take bath , giving rise to a range of expressions, by the Thakur, captured on photo.
The trip was silent in its steady progression.
No pace yet.
Breakfast pumped our stomachs and head.
Delicious Bread Omlette by the Lake.
That is when we decided that we should get high on that lake
But first things first.
PK was hunting for shrooms and weed with his phone.
Bastard left us hunting for him after sometime.
He disappeared.
I think we even shouted his name out loud.
People were of no concern nor bother to us.
We were entering medium pace.
A guy Kingston got us the stuff after much waiting at the colourful shops of Kodai , where PK got a pipe and Rahul, a hip flask.
An incident with an old dealer went sour.
Trying to rip us off, again.
Then came ,The Trippy Omni That Mindfucked us.

“Rahul , Lets Have a Cold Beer.”

Often hostel life gets boring.
It is during exams that it becomes interesting or so we try to mix it up a little.
All the group sessions, bitching about exams,college and exams and college and… this will take a while…
Almost every guilt ridden hour inside the room, forcing you to come out
and fuck around with your friends, seems like a decade.
I Forgot,
During these Group sessions,there is always this Omnipresent Dude/The
FuckFace/Choothad /Kundifry who initiates the IDEA.
The Idea is nothing but the vivid tradition which has been present
stubbornly and passionately all these centuries,
Getting HIGH.
It was a day before our Cycle tests started ,that me and Rahul
realised we need to study something , or atleast try to think in those
We decided to get nerdcopies of notes. The usual.
But here ,this time, The Choothad (myself) takes his toll.
“Rahul , Lets Have a Cold Beer.”
“Dude, Common.”
“Man WTF!”
“OK,Cool :)”
After this point, Photocopies was just an excuse.
Tasmac’s Doorway to heaven.
Wait a minute!
“That is our Prof, Man!”
One of our lecturers had just passed by us ,returning back from his
evening prayers.
What should i say,
Aal izz well?
Well, fucked out as we stood their , slow in the head, our suddenly-
heavy-beer bottles slipping away from our hands.
Only a minute of retrospection.
Then , Fuck it.
The Idea Began .
Watte WondurFul Ideea!
Surrounded by “breathtaking” ambience of the makeshift bar behind
the tasmac , filled with colourful puke and mouth plucked water packets , me
and Rahul just drank.
The good/bad part was , we didnot even stop to think.
Rahul-“Dude , lets have one more.”
Me-“No man.. we’ll have to get back and study, remember ?
Rahul-“Common !
Me-“OK . cool 🙂
It is a religion , this Idea.
It is almost like we just need to go through that ritual of convincing
and OK.Cool-ing to proceed to the next level of our dear old Idea .
Buying beers for each other, we realised a little too late that we were
Realising it , we stared at each other .
Next minute, started laughing.
Severely Buzzed, we wanted to share/spread the Joy.(we just needed
cash that time.)
So , we called Coru.
Coru , the Saviour, the Man, the Passi Monster, little Rat.
Making Coru drink, was again, just one “Ok-cool:)”.
There we were,All three drunk , the night before our exams ,looking for
new spots to relieve ourselves.
After reaching hostel, the Idea was convinced upon to other close
Obedience of the highest order, I say.
It was an eventful day.