Kodai – The Rock and Rollin’ – 2

That Green Little Devil Omni , you Son of a..

Little did we know that time , when we all sat in the Omni oppsoite to each other, that we are going to get fucked real bad.
Kingston not only managed to make us wait for the stuff for an hour and a half, but he got fellow NIT-ians(The Calicut People) for additional business.
After picking up Kingston , the trip to the Kodai weed was uneventful with everyone looking out the window and appreciating the scenary like any other person would do.
Another car with the Calicut people followed closely behind us.
Reaching the weed place, Arun and PK wanted to check out the weed.
Checking out- Meaning – these whores rolled a quicky and smoked it!
Whereas, the calicut people crushed and smelled it like it was some rare spice.
Anyways after some fellow bonding , the NIT-ians parted ways.
Munching up 5 dozens of shrooms the 6 of us (VK did not) kept staring at each other.
Crushed in the van.
Then it all started.
A place to trip is what we asked the Driver.
That fuckface, with the excuse being coefficient of friction and inclined plane drove us into a nightmare.
Steering our lives from Left to Right, Shrooms too took its revenge.
Kicked in.
I still have doubts whether it was the Physics or the Driver who fucked us.
After a point The Omni gave up on us.
That Bitch.

The following sequence of events cant be truly empathised with unless and untill you had been in the same position/conditions.
The Driver asked some of us to get down and push the bitch up the slope!
Obidience or Reflex, whatever you may call it.
Me , Avi, VK and Arun got down.
Pk , Coru and Rahul glued their asses with the seat and a smug on their faces.
Pushing the van from the back were me , Arun and Avi.
The van choked and picked up its wayward ascent.
or so we thought it would wait for us.
That Fucker drove up! , with me ,Vk, Avi and Arun chasing it from behind.
Arun jumped and leaped like an animal trying desperately to grab Coru’s thigh inside the van.
Animal Planet it was for me and Avi.
Arun Survived.
VK , Avi and I just got Kodai-fucked.
Standing on that hillroad looking both sides, we didnot believe what just happened.
Trying to run an upward slope after get shroomed and stoned is not fun.
Avi and I were slowly giving up and were more concerned on our life.
So , I thought I’ll sit down for a while.
But No, There was more.
A cow , it was more like an ogre from Shrek turned its head in our direction and,


It sounded like a roar.
A battlecry.
We were panting  loud, gasping for our breath and life.
Then there was no excuses of it being a slope , we just ran.
Running from crazy hell.
You should have seen the look on our faces.
There it was, the van.
Oh man.

Later , the Omni double crossed us again.
This time all seven got down and were chased up by a donkey.
After much energy spent , the bunch got onto the rock.
Oh , the Rock.
No wait,
Oh , the Weed , the Shrooms and the Rock.

The Rock was this amazing place we visited in Kodai.
It had a postcard for the view it gave away with so much ease.
from the Rock.
We hardly could believe what we had seen at the moment.
Then, it was Rock and Rolling.
Yes, my friends.
The Trip had accelerated and little did we know where we were that time.
With Avi constantly rolling and with the hill wind constantly pushing us away , we noticed that there was a temple/ a small shrine among us.
the Trishul on the shrine.
We rang the bell which hung from a tree.
The tree below which the rock slept.
The rock above which we refreshed.
As refreshing it was ,we were living it.
Laughed so much , our cheeks pained.
The shrooms blended with the insane weed we had just scored.
Dancing to its tunes we were Up above Kodai so High.
Nobody and I repeat , noone wanted to leave the place.
Untill it got so late ,that we had to first convince ourselves first and then each other to leave that awesome view.
Is that all ?
No, that was not the case that time.
It was more like,
What next?
Thats right.

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