Kodai – Lake High – 3

Leaving the rock view with heavy sighs and heads , We encountered
near death situations.
The Omni parked up on a slope and people facing the opposite side were
literally gutfucked tryin to avoid a bad hallucination.
Mere slopes were like suicide spots.
Struggling up , the Omni farted , sputtered and warmed up on to the
flat, making our life easier.
Wooh, A gasp of relief at the sight of the placid lake.
It was crowded with the usual crowd.
Noisy youth in pockets of unexplained humour, here and there.
Horny elder couples trying to make-out, establishing the near
impossible , because the youth were not only noisy in their comments
but also nosy in their “Sight-Seeing”.
Witnessing all this was a blur distraction, because we had a
greater task ahead of us.
Getting on to the boat without falling into the lake.
With all 14 legs quivering, we managed to divide ourselves into two
Me , Jalan and Chalam – Boat 1
Avi, PK , VK and Coru – Boat 2
Chalam was busy crushing as soon as we got on.
Jalan busy pedalling , or so , that is what he was trying to convey
with his face.
Muscles tightening so hard in his face that I thought he was pushing a
baby out of his ass.
His pedal did NOT work.
Ass-hole-giri of the 1st order.
Proving the dumbfuck I am , I alligned , pedalled and steered with the
same concieved notion.
Halfway through, Both boats disappeared into two different worlds.
As far as Boat 1 was concerned, we were in Kodai Wonderland.
Eyelids sliding down , Chinki Chong Eyes.
Pedals, my ass.
Let loose we wanted to communicate with Boat 2.
Shaking our limbs to each other , it was a puppet show for the shore
After losing an hour(Am just making that up, no idea how long it was) in
deciding under which tree we were gonna get baked, we steered
ourselves under this huge tree with a generous shadow.
Realizations hit us and so was this branch that Chalam was hanging from
up the boat.
Happy times.
The tree hung low just above the lake , that we grabbed onto the
branches and laid back.
It was a Postcard.
The boat had a mickey mouse mascot in front , that, from far it looked
like Mickey Mouse is getting Stoned.
Thick smoke out from its round black nose.
Hunger called in late.
But very compulsive.
We had to reach the shore somehow.
We had paid for an hour but had stayed for more than three.
Chalam wanted to ditch the boats. Period. Pirate instincts.
Meanwhile,a boat race had begun.
Boat 1 had only one pedal.
Boat 2 had 2 and four people shuffling, dissipating the last left breath
in their lungs onto the slippery steel pedals.
Still Boat 1 had Jalan the Jock.
Competition , I say.
A mishap, 5 degrees of wrong steer and a tired , dying lot, lead Boat 1
in a delay that cost us the competiton.
But,all in good spirits.
On the shore we were happy, casually walked off without paying and
most importantly alive.
Our stomachs hunted down the Omni.
“It isn’t a bitch anymore, is it? “, said our 14 little legs.
We had to agree, they were mollified.
DOMINOES here we come.
Seven Hungry Hyenas.
When stoned people enter a restaurant its… mad.
Because what happaned there was a bloody massacre .
Red , red toppings and juices across our mouths.
Cheese ripped off the Pizza base, mercilessly in all different angles , so that the prey is fully tarnished.
Panneer and meat of all sorts devoured by strong molars.
Ate till the barf limit.
Stood up like how Everest would , after all these years .
Our faces turning at the rate of 0.003 degress per second to communicate ,the waiter was weirded up when he was tipped.
Anyways, the hagga had to be punctuated with a smoke.
Helped a lot.
On the way to the room, we felt not only tired but a sense of upheaval to enumerate what all we had done that single day.
Nope not a single person could do that.
So , we thought we might as well roll a joint.
The Room—>

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