Green Magic and Stoner Logic.

The possible implications of

the facts you are to read about

Could definitely, most certainly

stun you without a doubt

For, the plant in question

is not any ordinary kind

Its the most awesomest, blossomesht buddy

that any person can find

Found on the highest grassy mountains which blend with the clouds

Or found on the blissful seashore

waiting to be plucked from the ground

Its procured from the deepest forests

like a rare exotic herb

or sold by Mary Jane akka

on the Trichy-Thiru curb

Some crushing, mixing and rolling in a jiff

if finely done, deftly done, you’ll have yourself a spliff

Its not just the booming or taxying that gets me all in a flurry

There’s the quite unique marijuana high

that you cannot forget in a hurry

For it is a moment of supreme ecstasy

and superior imagination to bolt.

A sense of utter lightheadedness

leaving you oblivious to a jolt.

And the flood of insane ideas

that storm your depleted brain

that sober heretics around me

look on with disdain.

It betters concentration, amplifies your senses

but leaves you a tad bit clumsy, or arbitly jumping fences

So join this fucking stoned age Give in to green desire,

Release your inhibitions,

Get ready to light a fire

For when life’s just sad

And things seem tragic

Light a joint

Its Fucking Magic!