Reminiscence #OdetoNITT #batch2011

If you enter the land of the bullshit and the cows,

you need to know the whats, the wheres and the hows.

The doors of  Thuvax opening is quite the gethmax.

Bringing up smells form the nearby batturas and double kalakki,

spiced up with the NH47 dust along with a moo-symphony.

The admin clock tower dawns from above ominously,

measuring the time, the horror and the life you’re about to see.

See beyond the initial grandeur for a clean CLC,

clean because here students hardly go class to study.

An agate lies on the shores of a blue coral reef.

Time well spent in the good first years of college glory.

Wait for the peril in beryll, you become jaded thieves,

of all that pamara stores and your class topper’s photocopies.

In between all those powercuts and weekend leaves,

you’re sure to have a phantasmagoric trip.

Lost in the wild inception of September’s dreams,

some might say , “Wake me up when Festember ends”,

others might prefer the live faction of college enthu

and start wondering , “How far that Opal girl will be”,

while waiting in dark library corners with lipton puffs.

He would be going coconuts ,while she would she sipping tender coconuts.

After some gyan from the February Pragyan,

all you would want to know is which department you represent.

A frenzy begins with every NITT-fest cacophony.

All students regardless of talent registering for each and every event.

As time flies and when the acads and the accoms get to you,

You either end up in the pirate ship of fools searching for unknown pearls

in the deep Ganges while leaving signatures of whiskey deep

or in the lit up wings of Lapis terror,

where whether L.I.F.E goes on with or without P.S,

you’re always together in this heap.

As ruby shines independently , the toppers of topaz

and the stoners of sapphire work in seperate worlds.

Oh ,

The starry quiet of the terrace nights.

The million treats for the stomach and the eyes.

The cigarette smoke and the friendly fights.

The life in progressive senti and of  immaculate vetti

represents a sea of reminiscence , to you NIT-T.