Mango Pickle

I’ve read some amount of women literature and it seems to me that without myself realizing I may have already been 50% operating feminist. I may even like CNA.

However, I sense a half-doubt in the same hard-winning and impenetrable earnestness that’s part of CNA’s disposition in her infamous TED Talk. There is a displeasure I feel with the way she argues for the same subject (and it’s neither the intent/content that bothers me) that Zadie articulates with such zest and elegance. Maybe I’m a fan of fluid perceptive prose that encourages fictitious anecdotal evidence over CNA’s self-narrative evidence that characterizes people.

But I figure these are just different cuisine interpretations of the same dish. CNA’s more grounded, rooted and virginal approach bothers me because on the surface it appears closed to me. This could be my persistent expectation from people, educated or aimless, leader or follower, rich or poor, famous or stranger to accommodate the concept of dichotomy or opposing views whenever a discourse exists. CNA’s tone, however is so sure of herself that it quite terribly invites my skepticism. But this surety in itself is testimony to the solid conviction and enduring nature of her approach.

In many instances she reminds me of the 50 year old relationship specialist, Tracy McMillan, who got divorced thrice and now, teaches everyone to love themselves. At some overlapping instances, both seem to be “full of themselves”. In fact, in a heartfelt exposition of inner beauty, CNA smiles (just like Tracy) and quite literally asserts the importance and validity to be full of one-self. But again I wonder, whether this could be a curse of a leader, a person who has completely envisioned the world he/she wants and wills to live in.

Perhaps, it is this pardonable solipsism that feminism requires to take forward the prescient madness of Woolf into what could be the future normative for societies. After all what is insanity if not sanity that hasn’t ripened enough. Imagine mangoes.

However, I maybe in a pickle now about my feelings for CNA.

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